The father (of Pavlos Fyssas)

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I watched him, rubbing my eyes. I couldn’t
believe it. Yes he was upset. But he spoke calmly and tried, as rationally as
he could, to answer the questions of the frantic reporters. What was he
describing? How his son’s assassination was relayed to him.

He answered a stream of questions about his
son Pavlos Fyssas who was no longer alive, the victim of the unspeakable murder
in Amfiali.

Such was the father’s calm, I first thought
he was simply a passer-by who happened to witness the incident. But he was his
own father. The more I think about it the more it shakes me.

I bow to this man. I praise him with my
whole existence. Because you need to have a very great soul, extraordinary
dignity and great generosity to control your temper as you are faced with the
ultimate loss, the loss of your own child.

And maybe in that way, this man, the
father, is perhaps without knowing it himself – or us knowing it – giving a
lesson to us all.

by Yiannis Zoumboulakis

translated by pd, original text "To Vima" 

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