Arab Spring, Soros and the Serbian connection

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This post is a placeholder. A proper analysis of the involvement of the US in the "Arab Spring" but also the various "revolutions" in the former Soviet Union, i.e. the "Orange Revolution", "Rose Revolution" etc.

Gene Sharp
"In an old townhouse in East Boston an elderly stooped man is tending rare orchids in his shabby office. His Labrador Sally lies on the floor between stacks of academic papers watching him as he shuffles past."
"This is Dr Gene Sharp the man now credited with the strategy behind the toppling of the Egyptian government. ..."  

A Guide To Effective Non Violent Struggle (click to download )

Before you is a wealth of knowledge about the planning, conduct, and evaluation  of strategic nonviolent conflict. This curriculum guide will be a valuable companion to new and experienced activists, as well as to others who wish to learn about this subject. 

The authors combine classic insights about nonviolent conflict with new ideas  based on recent experience. The result is a synthesis that pushes the limits of  what we thought nonviolent strategies were capable of achieving.  The material covered includes time-tested analyses of power, different methods  of nonviolent action, and ways to create a strategic plan for developing and mobilizing a movement. In addition, the authors include new material about how to:
• chart a movement’s history and progress (Chapter 8)

• use marketing, branding, and effective communication techniques in a movement (Chapters 9 and 10)

• address the effects of fear on a movement’s members (Chapter 13) 

• develop security measures within a movement (Chapter 14) 

• manage a movement’s material resources, human resources, and time (Advanced Chapters -4)  

By Srdja Popovic, Slobodan Djinovic, Andrej Milvojevic, Hardy Meriman, Ivan Marovic, Ana Djordjevic

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