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Sur l'Europe, l'euro, la démocratie et la drachme

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Photo: © Petros Diveris, Manchester, June 2015

The father (of Pavlos Fyssas)

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I watched him, rubbing my eyes. I couldn’t
believe it. Yes he was upset. But he spoke calmly and tried, as rationally as
he could, to answer the questions of the frantic reporters. What was he
describing? How his son’s assassination was relayed to him.

Of Greeks, Lagardes and Angelas. The chronicles of a death foretold, part 1

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We are now well into to the third year of the IMF/EU imposed austerity in Greece and it is clear to all but the market zealots that the measures have made things worse, not better. The only positive effect the measures had so far was that they "helped Greece bring down its primary deficit before interest …